Friday, October 10, 2008

Paneer Jugalbandi

This recipe of an amazingly delicious starter, I have learnt from my sweet mom! Yesterday I prepared it and my husband couldn’t stop licking his fingers… tastes really superb! Plus its very easy to make!
Ingredients - serves 4
200 gms paneer cubes (I used amul)
¼ cup maida
½ tspn. Black pepper powder
2 tbspn. Saya sauce
½ tbspn. Chili sauce (optional- I did not use it)
½ tspn. Tomato sauce
2 -3 tbspn. Finely chopped fresh coriander
2 medium size capsicums chopped thin and long
4 to 6 green chillies chopped
2 tbspn. Ginger garlic coarse mixture
1 tbspn. Cornflour stock
Salt to taste
Make a thick batter of maida, black pepper by adding little water, dip paneer cubes in it and deep fry. Keep aside.
Heat about a tbspn. Oil (you may use less but more tastes better) after its piping hot, add ginger garlic mixture, coriander, green chillies, capsicum and stir fry, after about 2 to 3 mins add soya sauce, tomato sauce, chilly sauce, cornflour stock, and fry for ½ a min then add fried panner. Add salt to taste. Mix well and switch the flame off. Serve hot!


TS said...

Anything with paneer in it gets my vote! This is a nice recipe, I'll be sure to try this out.


The Spice Who Loved Me

delhibelle said...

is it kind of like chilli paneer

Medhaa said...

Looks gr8

anudivya said...

Yeah, I wouldn't stop licking my fingers if I was given that plate too! Looks awesome.

Sangeeth said...

Yummy! makes a perfect starter! I will like my fork instead ;)

Alka said...

Sounds chinese to me....anything spicy gets my vote!

Vanamala said...

mouthwatering recipe...paneer is always my fav

Uma said...

looks great! thanks for the yummy recipe.

Bharti said...

That looks super tasty!

Uj said...

Looks delicious!

Soma said...

This is kind of like Chilli Paneer that I make. Sounds delicious!!

meeso said...

Great picture, looks so yummy!

Amee said...

I HAVE to make this asap!