Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pop some Pasta

After reading Laxmi’s recipe in her blog, i decided to make pasta fusilli!! And one fine Sunday morning I sent my husband to buy some ingredients for the pasta. But you know how it is when you live India, even though there are supermalls or other high end stores of groceries, you dont get what you want when you need it!! Like Brocolli, variety of sauces, etc. But to my luck he found red bell pepper, I asked him to bring yellow one too, that would add some colour to the recipe i thought! Now let me cut the crap out and begin with the recipe. I have changed the recipe from her’s coz we loveeeee cheese and hate olive oil!! Lolz.....so here it goes!

Recipe serves 2

Oil aroung 1 ½ tbspn. (generally olive oil is used in pastas but we dont kind its pungent smell)

Fusilli pasta 1 packet

Red bell pepper ½ chopped in long thin strips

Yellow bell pepper ½ chopped in long thin strips

Oregano herb 1 tbspn.(I was lucky to have found it!)

Salt to taste

Cheese slices 4 to 6 (depends upon your liking)

Dry Crushed red chillies 3 medium size

Garlic 4 pods chopped finely

Cook the fusilli in boiling salted water, to check if cooked, pop one piece in your mouth and if you can chew it easily, its cooked! After its cooked, drain the water from it and sprinkle some cold water. Leave to drain. Now, heat the oil in a pan, add the crushed red chilles and garlic, let it fry till the garlic becomes nice brown, then add the chopped capsicum, both red and yellow, cook for a while, dont cook it too much, leave it crispy, add salt, now add the cooked fusilli in it, take care that the fusilli is without any water, now sprinkle the oregano herb, if you feel that its getting too dry, then you may add half tbspn. Of oil on it. Switch of the flame once all the ingredients are nicely blended, put 2 to 3 cheese slices of it and cover with lid, after about a minute the cheese is partially melted and it looks yummy! Its absolutely ready to serve!
One important thing i larnt from Laxmi in her blog that keep the pasta dry, only when you eat it add your favourite sauce, otherwise it becomes too soggy! Thanks babe for that tip!!
We had it with normal tomato ketchup. You can have it without it too, it tastes delicious!