Friday, October 10, 2008

Paneer Jugalbandi

This recipe of an amazingly delicious starter, I have learnt from my sweet mom! Yesterday I prepared it and my husband couldn’t stop licking his fingers… tastes really superb! Plus its very easy to make!
Ingredients - serves 4
200 gms paneer cubes (I used amul)
¼ cup maida
½ tspn. Black pepper powder
2 tbspn. Saya sauce
½ tbspn. Chili sauce (optional- I did not use it)
½ tspn. Tomato sauce
2 -3 tbspn. Finely chopped fresh coriander
2 medium size capsicums chopped thin and long
4 to 6 green chillies chopped
2 tbspn. Ginger garlic coarse mixture
1 tbspn. Cornflour stock
Salt to taste
Make a thick batter of maida, black pepper by adding little water, dip paneer cubes in it and deep fry. Keep aside.
Heat about a tbspn. Oil (you may use less but more tastes better) after its piping hot, add ginger garlic mixture, coriander, green chillies, capsicum and stir fry, after about 2 to 3 mins add soya sauce, tomato sauce, chilly sauce, cornflour stock, and fry for ½ a min then add fried panner. Add salt to taste. Mix well and switch the flame off. Serve hot!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Fried Rice with scrambled eggs & my homemade version of Nachos

My Lunch platter
I love to The Kylie kwong show on Discovery Travel & Living! I love her way of showing how she cooks and presents the food she makes!
I saw this Fried Rice recipe on her show a couple of days back and I love it! But I had to change a few ingredients as I did not have all of it at home like Chinese cooking wine & bacon. I tried to follow her as much as I could and I made this recipe, fortunately we loved it! My husband couldn’t stop praising m for this one J So here it goes!
1 ½ cup Rice
8 pods Garlic
1 ½ “ Ginger
2 tbspn. Sugar
½ cup finely chopped spring onions
1 ½ tbson. Oil (she used olive oil)
Salt to taste(she used sea salt)
½ tspn. Black pepper powder
2 to 3 tbspn. Soya sauce
1 tspn. Tomato ketchup
2 to 3 eggs
Cook rice separately till tender, be careful not to overcook it. Keep aside.
Smash garlic and ginger till coarse. Keep aside.
Beat the eggs slightly and keep aside. Heat oil in a pan, add beaten eggs and remove after about a min, the eggs should be tender, fluffy and vanilla white in colour, be careful not to heat them for long. Removeon paper so that oil is soaked from them.
In the same pan, add crushed Ginger and garlic. After a few seconds, add sugar and salt. Due to salt the flavours of ginger and garlic emerge stronger . We add sugar to caramelize our recipe. Add chopped spring onions, fry till onions are light brown. Add soya sauce and tomato ketchup and mix well for a min. Now add rice and scrambled eggs. Mix well and cook for about a min so that all the ingredients blend together.
Homemade Nachos

2 cups wheat flour
20 Coriander stems
3 Green chillies
7 to 8 pods Garlic
1” ginger
1 to 2 chopped onions
Salt to taste
Cheese , Chat Masala and tomato ketchup for garnishing.
Oil to deep fry
I used Coriander stems because they are equally nutritious and healthy, instead you may use Coriander leaves. Firstly, gring coriander stems, green chillies, garlic and ginger in a mixer till a fine paste is formed. Now, take wheat flour in a bowl, add salt and thee paste we made earlier, make a fine batter by adding water in small quantities, just you make for chapattis.
Now, heat a frying pan and make rotis of the mixer we made, partially heat the rotis and remove. Now, cut them in triangular shapes and deep fry them, Garnish them with Chopped onions, chat masala, cheese and tomato Ketchup, serve hot!

Friday, October 3, 2008

I am tagged

Bhawana tagged me for 7 facts abt me.
It was nice to know more about you dear!!
The rules of the meme are:
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Here are 7 facts about me!
1. I am very sensitive and emotional, I can’t stand strong when my loved ones are in pain, that’s something I want to improve upon!
2. I am a good listener.
3. I love shopping for clothes and footwear!! I can do it anytime in a day or night!!
4. I need motivation and encouragement from my family and friends all the time otherwise I feel low.
5. I love to watch films and sing songs, I am singing everyday at home while cooking, cleaning or doing anything!!
6. I love to ride my scooty, I feel it’s fun to ride a two wheeler than a four wheeler….the breeze which touches your face while you are riding is priceless!!
7. I am an Interior designer.
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Thanks bhawana for this award!!

Bhawana passed on Wylde Woman Award & Friendship Award to me and I cant be happier!! After my break of about a month or more J this was a lovely surprise!! Thanks Bhawana!!
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Pav Bhaaji!

I am adding this recipe to my blog especially for a friend Sowmya, she is not a blogger, she wanted me to add this one to my blog! So here Sowmya….this is for you!!! Hope you are happy ;) Pav Bhaji is one of the most delicious and popular street foods in Mumbai, it’s a great substitute for a meal…..i know all of you blogger friends must have made this one, but here’s my version!!
Ingredients (Serves 6 to 7 persons)
½ kg Cauliflower
6 medium size potatoes
250 gms capsicum
250 gms Green Peas
½ kg Tomatoes
½ Kg Onion
8 to 10 pods Garlic
1” Ginger
3 to 5 tbspn. Oil
2 to 3 tbspn. Red Chilli Powder
Salt to taste
Pav Bhaji Masala (I use Everest)
Pav (Use laadi pav only, unfortunately in Chennai they aren’t available, Btw Laadi pav is a Mumbai term, it means nonsweetened Pav)
Finely chopped Coriander
1. Cook green Peas, Potatoes and finely chopped Capsicum and Cauliflower in a pressure cooker till they are tender and can be smashed properly. After these vegetables are cooked and cooled, peel the skin of potatoes and smash them thoroughly, also smash the green peas, cauliflower and capsicum. Keep aside.
2. Take Tomatoes in a bowl, add water to them till they are drowned in it and boil for about 5 to 7 mins, the tomatoes should become very tender. Keep them to cool. After they cool off, remove the skin and grind them to make a fine puree. Keep aside.
3. Take 3 onions and chop them very finely, keep aside, they will be used for dressing. Take rest of the onions, cut them in big pieces and grind them to make a fine paste. Keep aside. Make a fine paste of Garlic and Ginger also (I used readymade). Keep aside.
4. Heat Oil in a pan, add Onion and ginger – garlic paste to it, stir fry till light brown, now switch the flame off. Add all the smashed vegetables with the Tomato Puree, mix well. Add 2 cups of water, you may add more if you feel it’s too solid. Stir and mix well, now add salt, red chilli powder and Pav Bhaji masala (Chilli powder and pav bhaji masala may be added more if you feel like) mix well, Switch on the flame, keep it low, let the whole mixture cook for about 20 mins, keep stirring in gaps so that it doesn’t stick.
5. Your Bhaji is ready! While serving, fry the Pav after applying butter to them on a frying pan, fry till they are crispy brown. Serve Bhaji with dressing of inely chopped Onions , finely chopped coriander and one tspn. Butter with every serving!! Now Hog!! :)

P.S. I also added some red colour to the bhaji. You may add to make it look more attractive.