Monday, October 6, 2008

Fried Rice with scrambled eggs & my homemade version of Nachos

My Lunch platter
I love to The Kylie kwong show on Discovery Travel & Living! I love her way of showing how she cooks and presents the food she makes!
I saw this Fried Rice recipe on her show a couple of days back and I love it! But I had to change a few ingredients as I did not have all of it at home like Chinese cooking wine & bacon. I tried to follow her as much as I could and I made this recipe, fortunately we loved it! My husband couldn’t stop praising m for this one J So here it goes!
1 ½ cup Rice
8 pods Garlic
1 ½ “ Ginger
2 tbspn. Sugar
½ cup finely chopped spring onions
1 ½ tbson. Oil (she used olive oil)
Salt to taste(she used sea salt)
½ tspn. Black pepper powder
2 to 3 tbspn. Soya sauce
1 tspn. Tomato ketchup
2 to 3 eggs
Cook rice separately till tender, be careful not to overcook it. Keep aside.
Smash garlic and ginger till coarse. Keep aside.
Beat the eggs slightly and keep aside. Heat oil in a pan, add beaten eggs and remove after about a min, the eggs should be tender, fluffy and vanilla white in colour, be careful not to heat them for long. Removeon paper so that oil is soaked from them.
In the same pan, add crushed Ginger and garlic. After a few seconds, add sugar and salt. Due to salt the flavours of ginger and garlic emerge stronger . We add sugar to caramelize our recipe. Add chopped spring onions, fry till onions are light brown. Add soya sauce and tomato ketchup and mix well for a min. Now add rice and scrambled eggs. Mix well and cook for about a min so that all the ingredients blend together.
Homemade Nachos

2 cups wheat flour
20 Coriander stems
3 Green chillies
7 to 8 pods Garlic
1” ginger
1 to 2 chopped onions
Salt to taste
Cheese , Chat Masala and tomato ketchup for garnishing.
Oil to deep fry
I used Coriander stems because they are equally nutritious and healthy, instead you may use Coriander leaves. Firstly, gring coriander stems, green chillies, garlic and ginger in a mixer till a fine paste is formed. Now, take wheat flour in a bowl, add salt and thee paste we made earlier, make a fine batter by adding water in small quantities, just you make for chapattis.
Now, heat a frying pan and make rotis of the mixer we made, partially heat the rotis and remove. Now, cut them in triangular shapes and deep fry them, Garnish them with Chopped onions, chat masala, cheese and tomato Ketchup, serve hot!


Bhawana said...

ohh so that was nachos. I saw it in ur orkut profile ans was guessing what did she make. :). Looking very good Aditi. missed ur entries :). keep posting them.

Hetal said...

hey the nachos look great..