Monday, May 19, 2008

My First Award!!!

Today I am totally ecstatic and excited that I have been awarded the "Yummy Blog Award" by Hetal of Isha’s Kitchen. Thanks a lot Hetal for the lovely award!! I’m so happy to receive this award from Hetal; she has such a gorgeous blog with so many mouth-watering recipes!!!!
Yummy Blog award was first conceptualized by Roopa of Kitchen Treats. Yummy blog award is the award given to the blog with the yummiest recipes/photos.I am so lucky to be a part of this blogging world, where I feel encouraged by so many friends to make new recipes and present it. I have improved a lot after I have created my Kitchen stories, due to all the compliments and suggestions I got from my friends! Thanks everyone and lets keep rocking!! :D

I special to thanks to Laxmi of Chutki Bhar Pyar blog for being such a great help to me.
Lastly but most importantly I want to thank my hubby dearest who enthusiastically munched all that I made and encouraged me to make more delicious recipes!! Love you : D
Here are some of the many delightful desserts that I absolutely relish:

Apple Pie

Strawberry Ice Cream

Rose Falooda
Finally I will give this award to
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Meera said...

Congrats on your award. Your pictures of desserts look so delicious.
Thanks for thinking about me. Feels great. :-)

Divya Vikram said...

Hi u have a great blog gal..great pictures..u truly deserve the award and thanks for sharing it with me

meeso said...

Congratulations on the award and thanks so much for sharing it with me :)

Shubha Ravikoti said...

Celebrate one more time sweetheart....:) Check my blog... something for u there...:D