Thursday, May 22, 2008

I am Tagged!!

Well I am tagged here by my cousin Nihit...actually lonnggg back....but never mind!
10 things I hate....phew....I ll have to give a real good thought on this!

1. Mondays ...I hate waking up on a Monday, I am sure many of you feel the same way!

2. Falling Sick for a long time....If I fall sick for a day or two I am having a great time, getting pampered my mom and now my hubby dearest...but if it extends.....I hate it :((

3. Staying Alone for more than a few hours....I am all excited initially if I have to stay alone at home...but within few minutes I hate it...:D

4. Rahul dravid....I know ppl might come and hit me for this...but I just hate him, his face is not a face of a winner.....he seems troubled to me all the time!! :((

5. Suneil Shetty.....I just hate to watch him! He is really dunb .....I know you all will agree!!

6. Interviews.....Though I have given many interviews till now...I am always shivering when the time comes!

7. Results.....I am more scared of the results than appearing an exam!

8. Himesh Reshamiya.....Who doesnt hate him...:)

9. Living away from home .....I am living in chennai...its not that I am not enjoying but am always looking forward to return ....:)

10. To lose something I love.....I am kind of a creless person and I tend to lose things...I can cry for those things for hours...and make everyone find it for me....I hate when it happens!!!

I have randomly written what rushed to my mind....ignore the order folks...;)

I tag.....
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Shubha Ravikoti said...

Thanx for tagging me will do it :) for u

meeso said...

Hehehe, It's funny to read all the people you hate... I will have fun listing the countless things I hate :D

Homecooked said...

Hey nice list :) Ditto on 1,2 and 8 :) By the way, here for the first time,so wondering....what interviews are you talking about?

SMN said...

Hi Aditi.. nice knowing more abut and mos of the things in the meme i agree with you

A NoMAD said...

Thanks for tagging me! Honored, really! :)

As for the post -- Completely agree with alllllllll but one -- point 8! Come on.. I luv Himessssss :) :)

Cheers.. keep writin' - such yummy posts r a boon for bachelors like us!

V soon, am gonna post 'requests' for recipes.. beware, and be prepared!! :)