Saturday, April 19, 2008

Inspiration from Lux.....a sweet friend...:)

Folks, here is my next blog for all who are new to cooking, bachelours or newly is not at all difficult as it seems.....with this realisation I begin......hope you all enjoy this blog too.....:)
Hey Laxmi I owe you a lot sweetheart! Here I am with my new blog just like going to write about all the recipes I try.....!!


SHUBHA said...
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SHUBHA said...

toooo goood Mrs. Gupte I am so glad u did this...:) Congrats on this new food blog... and sure ur gonna make amazing things and share with all of us here...:D....

Its true that being pampered by ours moms when we r not married it becomes so difficult to have the kitchen for urself after being married.... specially when ur not with ur in laws..... it was tooooo boring for me... there were days when i used to hate to enter inside the kitchen..... but this blog came in as a big help.... which kept me motivated to make good things and make my hubby;s tummy happy :P hehe

will add ur blog to my blog roll list :d

Wish u all the luck... looking forward for lots and lotsa of typical maharashtrian recipes from u....:) and also many other new cuisines...:)